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The forest is the perfect play and learning center for holistic and healthy child development. Through joy and respect to the environment, a positive attitude towards life is mediated. The many game ideas are tools, bridges, assistance in order to engage in and with nature. The encounter with nature, learning in the group under the open sky offers a number of emotional and sensual experiences – all year round. These experiences help children not only to a direct relationship with nature, a well-established system of perception and a mature body sensation, but supports them on the path to independent personalities.

For almost five years NATURSPIELRAUM (NATURE GAME ROOM) provides a wide range of courses for smaller and larger people, but also experiences for the whole family.

Children older than two and a half years see the forest and garden playgroup shelter. Children from 18 months to three, along with mum or dad, in the Mini Forest Gnomes (Mini-Waldwichtel). In the generous habitat nature the children can establish new contacts and learn to move in a group. The nature playgroups accompany the children until they come to kindergarten. We wander through the woods and meadows and learn to understand nature with all our senses. Our Waldwichtel (Forest Gnome) house gives small children the protection and security to expeditions or in adverse weather a retreat. Forest Foxes (Waldfüchse) is the group for kindergarteners. It is also suitable for kindergarten tired or overworked children who want to spend time in nature. It is amazing to observe how aggression and anxiety transforms into positive energy.

For the older children there, are Nature Workshops. A wide range of courses: What can you do with a simple stick, how to build a hotel for wild bees, how to make colors from plants, what is necessary for carving or there is a fire and we cook something delicious? There is so much to discover and learn.

Regularly we look for experiences for the whole family instead – Sunday brunch or a common fondue, just to mention two. Everything takes place in the open air, in the natural source of inspiration, where we can have the creativity and imagination to run wild.

Mit allen Sinnen!