With all your senses in the open air!

Novelty! Garden playgroup, around the garden year starts on April 7. Taster morning on Thursday, 31/03/2016, 9:30 am, meeting Opfikonerstrasse 93 (former tree nursery Spross) in Wallisellen. Register now!

Garden playgroup from 2 1/2 years

Dear children, I am the Garden Gnome DOMO next you see my girlfriend lobster Line
I will accompany you through the garden’s year. Together with my many helpers in the ground and in the air. We collect, sow, plant and cherish our vegetables for lunch and find out what it takes everything that a cucumber growing. cook on the fire. We observe, make games and sing songs around the garden year. There is plenty of time for free play and the popular role-playing.
In each core lies a tree and each seed is a plant. We look at each other. Have you ever watched a worm as he moves away? I’ll try you in a responsible and conscious interaction with nature mediate.
I look forward to many little hands which burrow through the earth.
Your garden gnome

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